African Canadian Services

The African Canadian Services Division is located within the Public Schools Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

Our Objectives

The African Canadian Services Division was established in February of 1996 to implement the Department's response to the BLAC Report on Education, Redressing Inequity Empowering Black Learners 

Our major objectives are:

  • develop, promote and deliver programs, resources and services for African Nova Scotian students
  • encompass all levels of education
  • advise and guide other divisions of the Branch, and the Department ofEducation, regarding African Canadian Education
  • promote understanding of African Canadians and their history, heritage,culture, traditions and contributions to society recognizing their origin as Africans
  • ensure African Canadian students have greater access to post secondary institutions
  • work with staff in- Branch and across the department to address systemicracism and discrimination, by facilitating implementation of the Racial Equity Policy